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We supply the full range of lanyards from our Chinese partner factory. All lanyards our top quality with clear banding and delivery can be just 2-3 weeks for smaller quantities

Lanyard Accessories


We supply a full range of quality accessories to give your lanyard maximum versatility

Flat Polyester Printed Lanyard


Product summary:" This type of lanyard is made from polyester with screen printing logo or heat transfer print. The advantage of flat polyester Lanyard is low price; short production time; small MOQ; clear printing effect; accurate dyeing colour…

Woven Polyester Lanyard


"Product summary:" Monolayer Woven Lanyard cannot have a complicated logo on it and no more than 2 colour., however a woven logo is more accurate both on the shape and colour. One characteristic is that the logo position and…

Bio Degradable Lanyard


" Product summary:" ECO friendly lanyard includes PET/Bamboo/Organic cotton. Higher MOQ and relatively high price are its disadvantage since it takes long time and high cost for dyeing color. Bamboo and organic cotton are only suitable for silkscreen…

Tube Lanyard


" Product summary:" Tubular Lanyards are one of the most economical lanyards. It is hollow with a little flexible effect and made of tube-stitched polyester. There are two kinds logo printing that we can do on the tubular lanyard, one…

Cord Lanyard


A thin cord Polyester lanyard with printed logo

Title Polyester Lanyard


A polyester lanyard with the logo printed on the extension

Woven Satin Polyester Lanyard


"Product summary:" Woven Sain Labeled on Polyester Lanyard is made of two part, one is flat polyester and another is satin. The logo is woven on satin and then sewed on the flat polyester base. This kind of lanyard…

Nylon Lanyard


"Product summary:" Nylon Lanyards are popular due to their shiny-effect and low-price have attracted lots of customers. For this kind of lanyard, it has short delivery time; small MOQ; clear printing effect; accurate dyeing color according to required PMS color.…